The entire process chain under one roof

Unique in this form in Central Europe: ThyssenKrupp System Engineering covers the requirements for the entire spectrum of prototype body construction with its about 150 employees and the equipments at its Wadern-Lockweiler location. The entire process chain can be handled or implemented at a single location – from engineering, to forming dies, parts manufacturing, to fixtures and assemblies  even the setting up a system as well as retrofitting a system.

In addition to conventional prototypes, we also offer "close-to-production Equipment" for validation, together with the series production equipment divisions Forming Dies and Car Body Technologies. The emphasis here is on securing the forming and/or joining process of critical materials and/or geometries already in the prototype phase by using the appropriate equipment.


We utilize the existing capacities and resources on location to deliver  accurate and fast conclusions  for series production. Where it makes sense, we already use series equipment in the prototype phase. The objective is to apply the knowledge gained in this phase to series production as comprehensively as possible.

Here we benefit from 25 years of experience gained in prototype construction and from the intensive exchange of Group research and development project results in the field of forming and joining technology. Because of close cooperation with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe we are tightly integrated in the development and testing of new steels and alternative materials such as Litecor and magnesium. This enables us to consistently develop our know-how, applying this in customer projects.

We support and accompany our customers from the feasibility phase to series production ready car body components and assemblies. System projects or turnkey projects, where the customer will assign prototype and series production equipment to a single contractor, are our specialty. Our engineers in prototype and series equipment construction enjoy complex tasks where they work closely together and the constant exchange of know-how leads to strong results.

We are a qualified supplier, with multiple awards, in the non-automotive sector where we are developing tools for small series production and demanding geometries of sheet metal formed parts for the sanitary sector, for tractors and for construction vehicles.

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