Aerospace Industry

Assembly Lines

Flow production for structure assembly and equipment

We at thyssenkrupp System Engineering are a reliable partner for all types of interlinked assembly. Using our customers' range of components as the starting point, our team of engineers develops the best possible solutions for assembly. We understand the planning, implementation and after-sales service for the assembly line as a package. This enables us to reduce interfaces, achieve financial savings, increase the production rate and minimize risk.

We have implemented hundreds of assembly lines across the globe, and are therefore able to provide professional advice to our customers on the downsides and benefits of different systems and philosophies in flow assembly. Our technology and process expertise in transportation and assembly technology is the key to success here.

For the realization of flow assembly, we make use of proprietary transport systems made in Germany, as well as the integration of commercially available systems. Our range of services extends from driverless transport systems, roller conveyors with passive or active workpiece carriers, crane and suspension track solutions and beams through to highly specialized solutions for large-scale components.

Dynamic simulations safeguard production output planned, detailed analyses deliver improvements in ergonomics, and optimized logistics flows ensure shorter cycle times for products. Put us to the test.