Automation Solutions

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Solution modules for the control of production and quality

Whether the requirement is to monitor and control production in real-time, or to be able to retrieve performance data at any time - all systems and all customer requirements are different. Production management systems must therefore be highly flexible and scalable. They are the link between the ERP system and customer production, and monitor and control the different production steps in real-time. Therefore they represent an elementary module for the control of production and quality, and they need to function equally properly.

Manufacturing Execution System

Continual acquisition and visualization of machine data and statuses

Analysis and evaluation of system efficiency though continual collection and visualization of machine data and machine condition is necessary to obtain relevant information about production performance. Errors must be quickly identified, removed and structural bottlenecks made transparent. So a clear presentation of the current states of all stations involved in the process is of key importance.

Data analysis over longer observation periods makes it possible to identify and implement improvement potential. If required by the customers, we use an addition internal quality management (QDM) for our systems as a proven tool for quality control and product documentation during and after production.

We at thyssenkrupp System Engineering, together with our customers develop a concept tailored to their needs, and implement it as required - from design and installation to commissioning. It is important to us to make the solutions flexible in a way that they simply and easily can be adapted to changing production requirements.