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Expertize in handling and transportation

Developing a new transportation system solution for a product; planning a new production facility; moving small, medium, extremely heavy or sensitive components and systems within a production or an entire logistics chain; ergonomically organizing existing or new workplaces in production - the requirements in the handling and transportation sector are strict and extremely multi-faceted. Flexibility, ergonomics and reliability are therefore key.

We find the right solutions for our customers, while thinking ahead and creating new solutions. This is not something we just claim - we are able to back it up with many years' of experience in the field of handling and transportation in the automotive industry.

Handling and Transport

Flexibility, ergonomics and reliability are key.

Our range of services extends from automated component transport using driverless transport systems, roller conveyors with passive or active workpiece carriers, crane and suspension track solutions and beams to the highly specialized handling of large components, jigs and heavy, manual tools. Quantified, this means we offer solutions in the weight range of 10 kilograms to 40 tons. We also have our own technical solutions for large transport weights, which can be integrated with minimal changes to the foundation structure of a production building. If however certain reasons require greater construction work, we are able to realize it as part of a turnkey project.

Handling and Transport

We also offer systems for the automatic storage of components, and support our customers outside their production buildings with the construction and delivery of component carriers, appropriate transport brackets and fixing units. This is how we secure external logistics.

We also realize assembly planning of components, ensure the transportation flow with a dynamic simulation, and visualize our solutions. More information is available under flow Assembly.

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