Aerospace Industry

Jigs & Tools

Proficient partner in the planning and procurement of jigs and dies

Engineering, production, delivery, commissioning and after-sales service - this describes our value chain in the areas of jig construction and tools. Our range of services extends from customized hand tools to achieve ergonomic improvements and increase throughput and eliminate assembly errors to 40 m long large-scale jigs for aircraft wings. Our experienced suppliers and own production mean we are also able to offer short delivery and reaction times for our customers.

Jigs and Tools

Turnkey production is more than just complex and automated machines. Many small tools are also required for successful aircraft construction – which is why we also offer tools like drilling and positioning templates, measuring equipment, transport jigs and handling hardware to our customers.

Lightweight automation solutions such as semi-automatic drilling units, automatic power screwdrivers, electronic measuring equipment and systems for sealant application are also a key part of our turnkey installations. In the automotive sector, we are one of the world's largest integrators for automated screw solutions, and thus bridge the gap between available catalog products and the individual needs of our customers.

Precision, efficiency and ergonomics are important during manual sub-assembly and assembly of larger components. In recent years we have developed a number of custom solutions for our customers – from wing spar and landing flap assembly to the assembly jigs for the fuselage frames of a complete aircraft.