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Body in White

Body in White

How the fascination with cars takes shape and structure

The timely response to the demands of today and tomorrow – this is what counts, especially in automobile production. Quick change of types, shorter innovation cycles and increased competitive pressure require unique flexibility and in-depth knowledge from us as manufacturing partners. We know this and this is what fires us up.

What does flexibility mean to us? In terms of body shells our product portfolio covers a broad range of services ranging from joining of individual parts via subassemblies to the assembly of complete car bodies and add-on parts.

Our body framing solutions range from single framers for only one model to multi framers for a diversity of vehicle types, while our portfolio also includes highly flexible robot framing systems.

48 second cycle time

Would you like to see more examples? Our best fit process is also worth a look: This technology uses camera-controlled robots to ensure optimal fitting accuracy during assembly. This ensures top quality even when the change of vehicle types happen at ever short intervals.

No material has yet been invented which we cannot process – our competency covers virtually all materials, even composites. And in the field of joining technology, we deploy an enormous range of thermal, mechanical, chemical and combined processes, many of which we developed in-house.

Body in White specialists

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    Employees worldwide

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    Locations and service support centers

It is worthwhile to discuss with us the various aspects of economy and quality – including the recycling of systems and equipment, because your plant construction investment projects are in the best of hands with us.

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