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Hang-on parts transform a car body into a vehicle

Hang-on parts are one of the most important components of the finished car body. They are in direct "contact" with the end customer and have Class A surfaces. Doors, hoods, lift gates and fenders all have very challenging geometries. Another factor is the material mix with high-strength materials for crash protection for example.

The production of Hang-on parts is very complex, due to e.g. complex component geometries and the material mix with high-strength materials. Production is also subjected to strict quality demands to satisfy accurate dimensional stability and specific surface qualities.

Our production systems satisfy these strict demands. Our portfolio includes single-model solutions as well as multi-flexible lines for a high diversity of vehicle models.

We assist and support our customers over the entire life cycle of a system. Using the latest planning methods such as digital factory and virtual commissioning, we accompany the complete system design all the way to complete assembly, and subsequent service and spare parts management.

A special joining method for Hang-on parts is "hemming". We offer a broad spectrum of hemming equipment, from the table top fixture to the roller hemming device.

Our engineers support customers with the optimal design of their systems for all joining methods and cycle times. We would also be pleased to realize a full feasibility analysis of individual parts, all the way to the finished product, so we are able to support our customers from the early phase of vehicle development.