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Side Panel Lines

Car Body Build Side Frames: Important Design Elements

The side frames are one of the most important design elements of the car body. They form the silhouette of the vehicle and convey messages such as sportiness, luxury and loading volume. Side frames are Class A surfaces because they are in the direct field of view and must therefore exhibit very high quality attributes.

The production of side panels is very complex. The reasons for this include the presence of large components, complex component geometries and the material mix with high-strength materials for crash protection for example. Side frames must also meet strict quality requirements. These include dimensional accuracy and specific surface qualities.

Our production systems satisfy these strict demands. They address the complete spectrum of joining methods - from conventional spot welding, riveting and clinching to laser applications.

Be it single-model solutions or multi-flexible lines for the highest diversity of vehicle models - we assist and support our customers over the entire life cycle of the system. Using the latest planning methods such as digital factory and virtual commissioning, we accompany the complete system design all the way to a fully functional running system, plus subsequent service and spare parts management.

Our engineers support customers with the optimal design of systems for all joining methods and cycle times. We would also be pleased to realize a full feasibility analysis of individual parts, all the way to a fully assembled product. This enables us to support our customer right from the early phase of vehicle development.

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