Specialist in exterior car body shell parts – the absolute ultimate

The exterior shell of a car body must be perfect, and when painted must not exhibit any direct unevenness. We therefore like to talk of the "absolute ultimate in automotive engineering". Dies must be constructed, which guarantee this high level of manufacturing quality can also be reproduced in volume manufacturing – a standard only achievable with mature die construction expertise.

Forming Dies - from conception to dies with production maturity

thyssenkrupp System Engineering dies are highly valued because we are specialists in exterior shell parts as well as complex structure parts. We are able to produce high quality sheet metal forming dies for car body parts from steel and aluminum materials, as well as from high and extra high strength materials.

We master metal forming in all its facets – from component development and simultaneous engineering to the production of die sets for mass production. Needed forming dies are globally sourced, and our supplier management is primarily reflected in cost savings for our customers.

We have a lot of experience in add-on parts such as doors and hatches and can bring our extensive expertise, particularly when it comes to the integration of a whole system into the body shell.