Hydroforming Dies

Forming the best - especially under high pressure

The automotive industry would be unthinkable now without the hydroforming method. The potential is just too great - particularly in regard to mechanical rigidity, weight, life expectancy and contouring accuracy. As a leading hydroforming supplier, we are continually extending the boundaries of what is possible, and stand ready for the next development steps.

Hydroforming, standard mold

Hydroforming, standard mold

Our requirements often correlate with those of our customers. The range of opportunities is enormous. The high-pressure metal forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles with active liquid media has been established for some time. The focus now lies on processes. The requirement is to manufacture components with complex geometries and the very latest in materials. Equipment overhead here is to remain low.

These are challenges faced continually by our specialists, who are able to demonstrate outstanding solutions using hydroforming.


Hydroforming, standard mold, pre-forming stage and hydroforming including components

The high-pressure tube hydroforming of hollow profiles offers major opportunities. Metalworking here works with targeted pressure application to the material. Even the smallest bending radii are feasible for our engineers. They use innovative in-house developed bending processes .

To be on the safe side, we accompany component and process development using forming simulation based on the Finite Element method. The results are very convincing. Finishing is done mechanically or with laser depending on which is the most effective.