Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Planning with a vision

The direction of a project is set in the initial phase. Therefore it is even more important then, that decisions are made with an eye on the entire production process. It begins with highly-qualified project planning and proposal preparation, and is not complete until together with our customers we are sure, that all processes are optimized within the Budget.


The interdisciplinary and often global coordination of those involved in a project is possible first and foremost when existing expertise is systematically shared and coordinated. In order to accomplish that we rely on proven planning and analysis tools. Process and layout planning, component analyses and simulation, scheduling and MTM analyses are coordinated accordingly.

While our customers work on the development of their products, we at the same time check the feasibility and plan the production process. This Simultaneous Engineering approach makes it possible to detect problems very early on and to take counter measures. Our experience confirms that this approach results in lower cost and faster marketability. Complex development loops are avoided and necessary development processes are parallelized.