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thyssenkrupp System Engineering has extensive and specialized know-how in equipment design. Our engineers specialize in the design, development, construction and use of proven, economical standard products, equipment and components. They are in a position to offer flexible and innovative engineering solutions in the fields of car body shells, battery assembly, hot forming, assembly lines and hemming.

Project-oriented engineering management is essential for success. We are developing design concepts drawing on decades of experience and using OEM-specific construction systems such as CATIA, NX and Fides. This is what our customers can rely on.

Our manufacturing equipment is process-safe and monitored constantly. In addition, we use a quality management and change management systems to monitor projects.

Another point that is very important to us: the system are modular and expandable. By reusing existing production facilities and including them in our planning, we also ensure the cost-effectiveness of investments.

Design of equipment for car body systems:

  • Loading equipment
  • Geometry clamping devices
  • Respot welding systems
  • Shelves
  • Component buffer
  • Discharge systems
  • Component grippers
  • Joining stations
  • Chamfering equipment
  • Hemming equipment
  • Laser clamping equipment
  • Equipment replacement systems
  • Framing Systems

Design of equipment for battery assembly:

  • Assembly systems for battery cells
  • Formation system for battery cells
  • Component feeds, battery cells and add-on parts
  • Stacking and joining equipment for module production
  • Welding applications
  • Testing systems for cells and modules
  • Assembly systems, battery pack
  • System linkage

Design of equipment for hot forming systems:

  • Plate feeding system
  • Plate grippers
  • Hot forming presses
  • Plate centering
  • Tool changing System

Design of equipment for assembly systems:

  • Door sealing application
  • Marriage stations
  • Door and hatch assembly Equipment
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