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Digital Plant - Digital process planning

Integrated digital process planning

Detail planning for us means ensuring productivity. We help our customers realize their full potential through innovative and reliable planning. Digital factory to us means the digital process planning, process simulation and documentation from quotation to commissioning – using intelligent networked, digital planning tools.

Digital twin

The essential responsibilities of the digital factory include detailed depiction of to be used plant equipment, ensuring the scheduling and investment framework as well as maximizing system availability. Risks and process errors are minimized and quality is improved through resource-optimized, standardized process planning. Furthermore using the digital factory results in a reduction of project implementation times and start-up/integration phases of a project.

Limitless process simulation options

Process simulation options are virtually unlimited:Ranging from kinematics, visualization and animation of processes to VR presentation. We will realistically depict the complete system including its sub-processes well before they are built. This includes two- or three-dimensional layout planning of the plant and its workstations – with ergonomics and plant safety a significant role.

We conduct feasibility studies and specify station content, taking into account local conditions and customer requirements. Also possible is a plant cycle time analysis and optimization based on a process time database and RCS module. Using material flow simulations, we can define the optimal layout of buffers and system decouplers, thereby assuring output and technical availability.

We perform digital process simulation for accessibility studies and collision tests for laser applications (laser welding, laser remote welding, laser soldering), best fit add-on and battery assembly processes, among others.