Automation+ & SMART Technologies

With Automation+ & SMART Technologies we are shaping the future of automation and are pushing the limits by further automating assembly processes – even those which couldn’t be automated thus far.

For certain applications it is viable to combine both the advantages of humans with those of robots. Our extensive research in the field of human-robot-collaboration combined with our strong automation background provides a measurable benefit for our customers. With our SMART Technologies we are setting new standards in regard to transparency as well as usability by introducing digital key technologies into production.



Exemplary solution: Human-robot-collaboration

The efficiency of various assembly tasks can be increased by combining the individual strengths of humans and robots. Humans can bring their quick perception, mental capacity as well as their ingenuity into the equation. Robots however offer advantages in terms of repeatability, high loads and show zero fatigue.

In collaboration with research centers and industrial partners thyssenkrupp System Engineering is developing assembly stations utilizing human-robot-collaboration (HRC). Already, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of HRC applications from sensitive lightweight robots up to powerful full-size industrial robots equipped with state-of-the-art safety features.

Because when humans and robots are working closely together one thing stand above everything: Safety – even without protective guarding!