Data Management & Analytics

Data Management & Analytics stands for our ability to create added value for our customers by generating intelligence through data.

This encompasses not only the continuous development of proven solutions such as our proprietary software for testing applications (ups64) or the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). We also put a major focus on innovative solutions in the fields of data management as well as data analytics.

Data Management


Universal software for testing applications in powertrain assembly

Exemplary solution: Testing applications (ups64)

Our proven software for testing solutions (ups64) was designed to assure the adherence of quality standards for our customers within the automotive industry. By default it contains a diverse set of functions for automatic signal evaluation as well as statistical analyses. Thus, ups64 holds a vast potential to comply with ever more complex testing applications as well as the increasing percentage of dynamic measurements. New testing procedures and parameters can be added in seconds without the need for stopping production, and thus without risks. Thanks to the implemented multi-language interface you can operate the system in your preferred language.

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