Powertrain Assembly Lines

Powertrain Assembly Lines

We feel at home in the technical implementation of complex assembly systems for internal combustion engines and drive systems -and that worldwide. We know how fast our customers must respond to new markets and market developments. As we have already been accompanying and advising them early in the planning phase, we can also support them with comprehensive engineering services. Since we are close at hand, we are in a position to understand the issues and offer customized support.

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We are where our customers are

With each project, our engineers today are working on the solutions of tomorrow. Saving energy and resources is always an important part taken into consideration.

Our teams work closely together across the globe, relying on well engineered systems consisting of standard modules which have been tested in over 100 customer projects. Thus reducing the life cycle cost of the systems sustainably.

Our product range is structured modularly, including all the components for manual, semi- and fully automatic assembly of engines, transmissions or axles. We also offer pre-assembly of cylinder heads and gear sets.