Powertrain Assembly Lines

Axle Transmission Assembly

For a smooth turning axle

thyssenkrupp System Engineering develops designs, manufactures and supplies suitable assembly systems for all types of axle transmission. From passenger car to truck rear axle transmissions we offer turnkey assembly systems for front and rear axle transmissions, including the related measurement systems, test equipment and test systems. All of this worldwide.

Axle transmission assembly

Our modular assembly system offers our customers a modular concept for the manufacture of all types of axle transmissions. Whatever the customer’s needs – we will provide the ideal solution. In addition, we offer our customers systems for the pre-assembly of differentials, housings and axle casings.

The assembly requirements are best illustrated with the example of a bevel gear. During installation the bevel gear has to be accurately adjusted in two shafts. In addition, a possible tolerance of the drive shaft has to be considered as well. Furthermore structural or mechanical precautions must be taken to compensate for additional axial forces acting on the drive shaft.

It is our goal to help our customers achieve improved efficiency of the axle transmissions with the assembly systems we provide. This is one reason why the analysis and ongoing development of standard components has the highest priority.