Powertrain Testing

E-drive Test

Drive for the future

Silent, dynamic and with increasing range – electric drives change our mobility. Our customers are highly innovative. This is the right track on which we are excited to accompany you. It suits us. With our adaptable e-drive testing systems, we ensure the quality of each new generation of e-drives.

E-Drive Test

These processes are our home

Thanks to the engineering of our customers electric drives are possible today. Drive is progress. This is an important incentive for us as well – driving us to constantly develop new ideas.

More than 30 years of experience, technical expertise and creative minds – this is how we in the automotive sector contribute to the future of mobility. Our experience is the optimal foundation for future innovation. Transferring proven processes to innovation – this we do best.

Mobility – The key to quality

Flexibility, reliability and many years of experience in the automotive sector offer a double benefit: Production cost can be lowered because sources of errors are detected early and the quality of electric drives can be sustainably ensured and improved.

Our customers decide on the degree of automation, the diversity of products and the type of testing. The development of suitable processes then becomes a task for our experienced test engineers. Why not put us to your test!

"We have our own testing software to control complete turnkey systems and integrated e-drive testing solutions: HV tests, integrated DC source - drain systems and vehicle residual bus simulations – this is what we can offer you."

Christoph Stratmann, thyssenkrupp System Engineering