Powertrain Testing

End of Line Test Engine

Tested cold, driven warm

Engines and drive trains generate energy, transforming it into motion and transfer torque – accurately and with ease. Powerful forces, transferred with top precision, act on the components. To ensure that drive trains transfer the necessary dynamics and power to the road, we deliver proven test methods and test stations used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers to perform complete tests on every single component of the drive train.

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"Innovation is the key to increased performance. Based on more than 30 years of success in the automotive sector, we are fully familiar with the processes and are constantly improving testing lines and end-of-line testing stations with our in-house developments."

Andreas Kulisch von Ahlften, thyssenkrupp System Engineering
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Over 400 engine testing stations provide reliability

Small quantities mass production? Our flexible systems can handle both. All the test equipment can be operated manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic. We can offer a suitable solution for any requirement or quantity.

Meanwhile it is becoming increasingly important to develop a test solution for complex components, that customers can integrate into their systems. The requirements are clearly defined: potential faults originating in assembly must be detected efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cold testing is one of the most important test methods

All the significant functions are tested at end-of-line test stations without starting the engine. Here the customer may specifies his demand for reliability. Regardless of whether the leading factor is a high variety of samples to test or a number of opinions needs to be available to retrofit or upgrade the line: Our engineers are sure to come up with an excellent solution.

End of Line Test Engine

More than 400 engine test stands for security