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Powertrain Testing

End of Line Test Mechatronic

Preceding years, electronics are increasingly being utilized within passenger car technology. In the transmission technology field, automation is a key technology in striving to achieve an increase in comfort and economy. Intelligent driving and gear change strategies enable an optimization of energy consumption. To achieve this, perfect balanced mechatronics are a prerequisite.

With our efficient and highly productive test stands, we ensure serial production quality control by comprehensively testing the mechatronic before finally pairing with the Transmission.

Advantages of our mechatronics test stands

Innovative and modular test concept

  • Common test methods can be implemented (Testing in and under oil possible)
  • Short load transfer for screw force simulation
  • Minimization of oil vapor and oil distribution
  • Single and double net test possible (scalable)
  • Test in original position (horizontal and vertical)
  • High flexibility and availability
  • Low floor space requirement
  • Short loading times

Long-term experience in the automation of serial test stands

  • Optimized operator guidance on the test machines
  • Freely programmable test sequence
  • Automatic cyclic checking of the test machines with approved reference part
  • Reliable evaluation of all quality relevant component features
  • Statistical analysis of test characteristics and serial quality
  • Data storage solutions for quality and acquisition data
  • Correlation procedures for comparison with development test stand

Investment security through modularity

  • Reutilization by changing the toolset
  • Tooling changeability for future mechatronics

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