Powertrain Testing

IQA Integrated Quality Assurance

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We envision a comprehensive concept to uncover error sources in the assembly process early on. Therefore test steps are systematically developed and are optimally integrated into the assembly process. Just like a mind puzzle for engineers – finding a balance between quality risks and testing cost. With integrated quality assurance we achieve important successes. Accuracy of testing increases and finding error sources is clearly simplified. We have tested this extensively: in 320 cold test stations for more than 60 customers in 25 countries

Andreas Kulisch – IQA tk-play

"The complexity of components of a test sample is increasing. As a result the demands on quality assurance also grow."

Andreas Kulisch von Ahlften, Testing Solutions

Simultaneous engineering for the optimal strategy

Many manufacturers attach great importance to 100% quality monitoring during the assembly process. Whether torque monitoring, leak testing, visual inspection, dimensional measurements or end-of-line tests, the correct strategy requires a working partnership. Common understanding of the process is a benefit and best case scenario is knowing your partner’s objectives.

In virtually all cases, however, cooperation is necessary across the globe and with specialized engineers at different locations worldwide. This is where our robust and sophisticated project management comes into play.

A consistent quality supervision