Turbocharger Test

Turbochargers have a standard – even when tested

At thyssenkrupp System Engineering, we check turbochargers after installment, using various tests. Materials, leakages, performance – many factors are decisive to the quality of turbochargers. Possibly the most important of these is the leak test. Corrections are needed as soon as data analysis indicates that the parameters deviate. No component will leave the assembly line unless the parameters are accurate.

Andreas Klulisch Turbocharger test tk-play

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly

In order to immediately detect assembly errors and guarantee the service life of a turbocharger, we will support our customers using proven test methods and sophisticated turbocharger test equipment. Experience, attention to detail and innovative thinking – this is how we assure processes tailored to individual demands.

Turbocharger Test

Since turbochargers are highly variable components, the test station must meet special demands. We develop both individual test stations and entire test facilities. Because the modules as such are highly flexible, this means that new types can be set up qickly. This is made possible through combi stations and entire test facilities which are cost-effectively integrated into the assembly line, either fully automated or via manual interfaces. Testing is at turbine speeds up to 160 00 rpm.

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Creating performance from puzzle pieces

The entire concept is implemented based on the local demands of our customers. The station concept is adaptable and the individual stations as such are compact. This allows us to test various turbocharger types even though space is limited.

The advantages of thyssenkrupp System Engineering as your partner in all matters concerning quality are plain to see. We offer high powered and flexible test facilities capable of performing a wide range of tests.

  • ATL engine tests
  • Leak tests
  • Functional tests
  • Compressor pressure tests