Prototype Tools & Parts

Expertize in the automotive and non-automotive sectors

thyssenkrupp System Engineering's Forming Dies Prototyp construction develops and builds prototype dies for the production of prototype car body molding, as well as process test and low volume dies.

Prototype Parts

We have specialized in sheet metal forming, whether regardless of structural parts or exterior car body components. Be it a longitudinal beam made of high or extra-high strength steel, a SUV side panel made of aluminum, a panorama roof for minibus, or a side panel of a truck cab with sleeping compartment, we build the corresponding conventional and close-to-production prototype dies.

Prototype dies and prototypical car body pressed parts

We manufacture conventional prototype dies from cast iron, steel and cast iron / ceramic-bound synthetics. Close-to-production prototype dies are made from steel, cast iron and higher-quality cast per the customer’s request on the basis of standard molds. We shape prototypical car body pressed parts made of all familiar sheet metal materials with our prototype dies, and cut them using lasers.

Process test dies in hot forming

Process test dies are used in cold forming or, more often, in hot forming. This means the shaping process of car body components with difficult geometries or new materials is safeguarded. The dies are built from steel or with higher-quality cast materials. The process test dies in the hot forming process can also be equipped with cooling or heating systems.

Low volume dies for the non-automotive sector

Outside of the automotive industry, we also build in prototype construction low volume dies for sheet metal forming. In the sanitation sector, these are forming dies for shower trays, wash basins and bath tubs. For tractors, there are dies for cab parts, hood strengthening and outer parts, as well as ventilation and air vents made of a variety of perforated plate variants. For excavators and wheel loaders, we mainly build forming dies for the outer shell of counterweights, and the associated attachments and lamp assemblies. Low volume dies are made from steel or higher-quality cast material depending on requirements.