Serial Production

Serial Production

Lightweight specialist for highest automobile performance

We offer series production in the automotive sector for some very sophisticated systems and components. This includes car body construction in particular. Especially where our high level of materials expertise within the group meets our considerable experience in systems engineering and die manufacturing. Conventional materials as well as lightweight products for series production start up and ending or for customers spare part needs are processed.

Serial Production

The volume production of complete, paint-ready car bodies

In addition to the series production of complete paint-ready aluminum steel and composite designs car bodies, our experts produce components made of aluminum steel structure and add-on parts in.

We intensively address the requirement for more lightweight materials. In cooperation with the TCCC (thyssenkrupp Center Carbon) as well as universities and research institutions we have expanded the spectrum to the processing of composites (vacuum infusion, RTM, RTM-light), magnesium and hybrids.

We consistently explore new roads in forming technology, and are leaders in the field of hydroforming, high-pressure metal forming of sheet metals, tubes and profiles with active liquid media. Our goal is to produce components with a complex geometry in only one metalworking step. The cost benefits are enormous.