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Hydroforming Parts

Hydroforming processes

The hydroforming process is an integral component of car body production. Our engineers at thyssenkrupp System Engineering are continually developing new processes in this discipline. The high-pressure tube hydroforming of hollow profiles offers major opportunities. Metalworking here works with targeted pressure application of the component. Even the smallest bending radii are feasible for our engineers. They use innovative in-house developed bending processes.

Hydroforming Parts

Our requirements often correlate with those of our customers. The range of opportunities is enormous. The high-pressure metal forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles with active liquid media has been established for some time. The focus now lies on processes.

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum - from the product idea of a component through to volume production. We bend semi-finished materials such as tubes, extruded profiles and custom profiles with CNC benders with or without mandrel / stretch-bending, or with specialist methods.

This is followed by hydroforming with up to 5,400 tons clamping forces in large hydraulic presses. This process is almost fully automated. The subsequent steps of final machining are depending on requirement, mechanical trimming, milling, laser machining and necessary heat treatment.