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Laser Clamp Head LSK

One head, many capabilities

Looking to reduce vehicle weight, improve bodywork rigidity or optimize the passive safety of vehicles? – laser welding provides the solution. We at thyssenkrupp System Engineering build compact and flexible bodywork laser welding systems. We are going one step further with the development of the laser grip head – it welds aluminum as well as zinc-plated and ultra high strength bodywork sheet metal, thus extending the application range of the procedure.


The laser grip head welds aluminum as well as zinc-plated and ultra high strength bodywork sheet metal

Our laser grip heads are synonymous with a broad diversity of applications and a high degree of flexibility. For example, the LSK05-05 works with pressure application on one side. It welds mainly profiles accessible only on one side. The LSK05-06.07 impresses with its compact dimensions, and the LSK05-08 has an integrated scan module for specific beam deflection (dynamic beam guide and forming) with optional seam guide.

The laser grip head allows for the joining of low flange widths, irrespective of radii and 3D contouring. The modular design and special guiding of the laser beam make it possible that the parts to be joined can be clamped and welded at the same time. It also adapts itself to a broad diversity of joint geometries, seam shapes and special function groups. This reduces the fixture overhead considerably.

The integrated gas venting solution guarantees high quality welding joints for zinc-plated sheet metal. Welding speeds of up to 12 m/min can be achieved depending on beam source and material.

High precision laser welding with online seam tracking tk-play