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Laser Technologies

Modern joining methods for body in white

Laser welding and laser brazing are highly flexible joining processes in body in white. We implement this technology in respective project phase.

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The product range of thyssenkrupp System Engineering includes all forms of projects, from process development through prototype production and simulation to implementation of the joint task in series production at the customer.Our specialized engineers consult and assist customers in determining the best and most efficient processes. Side frame, doors, roof and underbody assemblies are typical applications for laser joining with and without filler metals. Therefor we use automotive industry standard technologies depending on requirements.

thyssenkrupp System Engineering used ready for series production equipment. For example Trumpf „3D iPFO“, Scanlab „IntelliWeld“, Precitec „WeldMaster“ or Scansonic „RLW-A“ is used. From outer skin, e.g. tailgate or roof, we implement laser brazing of steel and laser welding for aluminum. For materials like steel and aluminum, we have all types of projects since 1998 successfully implemented. Hence it is important for us to consider new developments in materials and joining processes at an early stage and to evaluate skills. We use an enormous wide-ranging engineering network with strong competences within our thyssenkrupp corporations back.

Based on our experience in the field of laser joining we are certain that this technology also play an essential role in future Body in White.

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