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Emergent expertise for the market of the future

Environmentally friendly energy storage and low emission electrical drives are set to shape the future of tomorrow. New ideas and intelligent approaches are required. As a system integrator we are poised to shape the future with our experiences and best practices. When new technologies and processes are required we are eager to develop and realize their impacts.

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The era of concepts and prototypes has passed. The industry produces energy storage systems in high volumes and will continue build series production. Lithium-ion cells, supercapacitors and their related systems need to become more powerful, efficient, and cost effective. The key to success lies in the production process. This is where the fundamentals for durable and cost-effective products are established.

Our area of expertise is in the planning, design, and implementation of production lines for the manufacture of:

  • Li-ion cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic can cells
  • Supercapacitors
  • Battery modules
  • Battery packs

The key to success is increasing cost efficiency by optimizing the value chain, while at the same time ensuring high quality levels. Engineers in our development departments are leveraging their expertise gained in the industry to continually improve our systems. Furthermore, we offer corresponding testing technology for these products.

Our expertise from the automotive industry benefits us in the development process. As a system partner, we are succeeding in combining proven processes from the automotive industry with internal expert knowledge from the battery industry to bring forward robust and technologically advanced production systems.

"We are proud to be able to offer our customers the entire product portfolio - from cell assembly and full battery system installation to test."

Enrico Storch, thyssenkrupp System Engineering