A factory concept for formation of large quantities of
Li-Ion cells for electric vehicles.

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At the production of Lithium-Ion battery cells the final steps are the forming of the passivating layer (SEI), the aging process, the classification and the final quality test.

For that reason it is necessary to slowly charge and discharge every cell as well as to age and test them.

For the production of battery for electric cars a high number of cells are necessary. Therefore large plants for formation and test are necessary.

The following processes may be a part of the formation:

  • Clamping of cells for formation
  • High temperature aging
  • Cooling buffer
  • Cell formation
  • Degassing and final closing
  • Aging of cells
  • Isolation of cells
  • End-of-line test
  • Charging to SOC
  • Sorting/grading of cells
  • Warehouse
  • Packaging

General data

  • Dimensions of the hole plant L, W, H: 180m x 120m x 15m
  • Fully automated plant
  • Highly efficient electronics with high availability
  • Monitoring of all processes
  • Fire protection

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