Cell Formation

Forming of the cell

Our cell finishing systems enable us to lay down the best foundations for our customers to reliably conclude the production process. These systems cover the entire process - from formation of the passivation layer, degasing, aging, through to end-of-line testing of the cell, and classification.

Cell finishing

Formation, testing and classification of each cell.

Formation system ZSW, Ulm

We are able to guarantee quality-conscious processes by forming, testing and assessing every individual cell. We test, collect, and store the data for all corresponding cells.

Serial production is also possible

Based on our many years of experience we know how to construct and commission li-ion formation systems. The size spectrum ranges from laboratory scale with 20 cells per day to industrial scale with more than 10 million cells per year. We know no limits for tailored solutions.

In most cases, our employees who are responsible for such projects opt for self-developed innovations. This is an advantage not only for a smooth installation of the system, but also for its subsequent operation. The collaboration with reliable and innovative suppliers, enables us to address almost any customer requirement.

Furthermore, we are profiting from our experience in the automotive industry, particularly in the fields of charging and testing. The transfer of proven technologies and software to new fields is benefiting our customers. For example, the use of our general-purpose UPS (universal test software) has drastically reduced defects and downtime.

The full service package with training, spare part service and 24/7 support gives our customers the necessary security.

"With our wide range of expertise we can offer a turnkey system for formation, ageing and comprehensive quality inspection for cell finishing. Our customers receive a balanced system – mechanics, electronics, software, and plant safety."

Thomas Thierfelder, thyssenkrupp System Engineering
Lithium ion cell formation
Formationsanlage ZSW, Ulm
Formationsanlage ZSW, Ulm
Formationsanlage ZSW, Ulm
Formationsanlage ZSW, Ulm