Cell Manufacturing

Cell Manufacturing

Step by step into the future

Where the Li-Ion cell is the product for storage of high electrical energy, the supercapacitor is the product for storage of high electrical power. These are the most promising storage technologies for the broadly covered launch of electric mobility.

Energy density, power density, cycle life, and cost are the key parameters for the industry. The basis for the next major leap in development is lain in the production processes for battery cells.

Equipment for Cell Manufacturing

Tight-welding of prismatic cell cans with thyssenkrupp System Engineering laser welding head

The production of cells can be divided into different production steps - mixing, coating, drying, calendaring, cutting, winding, stacking, inserting, electrolyte filling and formation – where applicable. Quality, of course, is always tested between production steps.

Every production step has specific challenges and allows for improvements. Our project teams take care about this topic for our customers. These teams are supported by the multidisciplinary experts of our development centers.

Many production steps, many options

The expertise of our engineers and specialists from the cell and automotive industries are the basis for the broad spectrum of solutions we are able to offer our customers in cell production – from production planning services, to the development of individual workstations, all the way to the delivery of turnkey production plants.

We are specialized in planning and construction of complete plants and thus place a great importance on this topic. As an EPC contractor (engineering, procurement and construction) we take responsibility for the correct execution of the necessary Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the complete supply chain.

Cell manufacturing

It is important to us that we retain the same high quality reputation in cell production of which we are appreciated in the automotive industry.

In our role as system integrator, thyssenkrupp System Engineering provides not only outstanding production technologies but also the necessary reliability, and global presence for after sales service.

Our range of services for cell production includes design for manufacturability consulting, definition of process steps, and the selection of all technology and machinery required for production. The focus here lies on best fit, cost-benefit balance and professional project management. We also provide solutions for top level production control systems for our customers.

Tobias Grobe, thyssenkrupp System Engineering