Formation of lithium-ion cells, Formation system ZSW, Ulm

Development Support

Continual development

We offer our customers a key consultancy service with development support. We analyze the individual production processes of the product and provide support in the selection of appropriate methods. These kinds of simultaneous engineering projects enable our customers to considerably shorten development time and to leverage it as a competitive edge on the marketplace. The level of system complexity is reduced and cost savings are achieved.

Development Support
Development Support
Development Support

Our team of experts

A large team of experts stands ready for production planning of lithium-ion cells, supercapacitors and batteries, machine and fixture development, automation tasks and process control. We investigate equipment and system components in regard to their suitability for dry and clean rooms for example, depending on the environment conditions.

Development support extends beyond

The services in which customers place their trust are diverse. Such as sample production for electrodes and li-ion cells for advanced testing. We also offer logistic process simulations, usage level analysis for the deployment of resources, material flow analysis, discrete event simulations, and robot simulations.

We provide key interfaces for construction planners in the realization of new factories. All documents on media connections and consumptions will be delivered to architect offices.

"Process planning instruments and 3-D system simulations are highly effective tools with which we gain informational data. This means a virtual project can be reliably implemented in reality."

Tobias Grobe, thyssenkrupp System Engineering

Analytical procedure

Our consultation service means we not only direct our attention towards production processes – we also render possible comprehensive analyses of complex systems.

Our in-house research and development offers reliable process assessments for volume production environments. Other analyzes pertain to laser and ultrasonic welding, electrode material preparation, electric contacting systems and dry room compatibility of equipment and individual components.

New technologies

We develop PLC and MES software solutions for individual machines as well as for the overall solution for traceability and quality assurance. New technologies are initially tested in our technical center before they find their application in an industrial field.