System Assembly

An innovative field

thyssenkrupp System Engineering plans and builds production lines for the automated assembly of battery packs. Here we also connect to our experience from the automotive industry. Tried and tested solutions as well as concepts are available depending on system sizes and production volumes.

System Assembly

Production lines for the automatic manufacture of electrical storage systems

thyssenkrupp System Engineering offers a broad pallet of tools, machines, production resources and our own unique transport systems. Access is available to a wide diversity. Very important to us is process planning with an eye on the factory layout, space usage, cycle times, optimal selection and usage of production equipment and total cost of ownership.

By Simultaneous Engineering we develop along with the customer the optimal manufacturing process for the product. As a result, we are able to shorten the time to product launch. This preliminary process provides clarity of the necessary process steps and the extent to which manual or automatic stations are necessary.

We particularly invested in the field of joining and testing technology. By using commercially available as well as self-developed laser optics we execute welding studies and evaluate them afterwards in regards to process capability. It is important for us to know exactly how our solutions behave in industrial applications.

"We are proud of the fact that, on the basis of our holistic view of the process, we have been able to develop an industry-suitable non-destructive testing method for typical battery contacts within a very short timeframe."

Hans Stein, thyssenkrupp System Engineering