Ingo Steinkrüger

Ingo Steinkrüger holds a degree in Industrial Automation as well as Industrial Engineering and has been with the thyssenkrupp group since 2000.

Ingo Steinkrüger

Chairman of the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp System Engineering

Ingo Steinkrüger started his activities in the thyssenkrupp group at the Johann A. Krause Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Bremen as a sales and project engineer. He was a member of the project management team that then worked for the biggest contract in the USA. In 2004 he was appointed to act as a group leader Sales/Project and he accepted the responsibility for customer care at the Ford plant in Bridgend. He worked as a key account manager for the thyssenkrupp Krause GmbH since 2007. In 2009 he changed to the business development department. As business development manager he attended the complete portfolio of System Engineering for the customer VW worldwide.

In 2012 Ingo Steinkrüger took over the divisional management and therefore the overall responsibility for business development, which in 2016 was broadened to also include the service department.

For thyssenkrupp System Engineering Ingo Steinkrüger takes over the task as CEO of the management board and is primarily responsible for strategy, global product management, sales and service.

Falk Nüßle

Joined the thyssenkrupp Group in 2001.

Falk Nüßle

CFO & Member of the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp System Engineering

Falk Nüßle has many years of automotive expertise. He began his career at thyssenkrupp in 2001 as a development engineer for automotive engineering at a predecessor company of today's System Engineering Business Unit. He then held various project and management positions within the Group's automotive division. From 2009, he played a key role in shaping the Components Technology Business Area and has since coordinated the strategic and technological activities of the business area. In 2013 he moved to the strategy function of thyssenkrupp AG, where he held management positions for regional development. From 2014 he was additionally responsible for Strategy & Planning at Group level. Starting in 2016, Falk Nüßle became Head of Strategy, Markets & Development (SMD) of the Components Technology Business Area.

At thyssenkrupp System Engineering, Falk Nüßle is the CFO and responsible for Finance & Accounting, Controlling, IT, Contract Management and Commercial Development.

Felix Bader

Joined the thyssenkrupp Group in 2012.

Felix Bader

CHRO & Labor Director, Member of the Executive Board of thyssenkrupp System Engineering

Felix Bader started his career with the thyssenkrupp Group back in 2012 at Elevator Technologies. There he was the Managing Director of thyssenkrupp Aufzüge GmbH and Chief Human Resources Officer of today's Operating Unit Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH). He also held the position of Labour Director for all Group companies of the former Central Eastern Northern Europe (CENE) business unit in Germany and was responsible for Marketing and Communication as well as the Health and Safety division.

In 2015, Mr. Bader also took over the management of the Human Resources departments at the German plants of the CENE Business Unit, in order to support co-operation between the human resources departments.

In 2017 he joined thyssenkrupp AG in Essen as a Senior HR Expert in Corporate Functions / Human Resources Strategy.

Before joining thyssenkrupp, Felix Bader held management positions at BKK Essanelle, Rheinmetall and IG Metall. Today, in thyssenkrupp System Engineering, Felix Bader will take over the role of CHRO and Labour Director. He will be responsible for human resources, health and safety, quality management, environmental and ideas management.