Relocation & Refitting

Dismantling, modifying and refitting? Everything from a single source!

Changing location? Short execution time frame? We have the turnkey solution ready at hand, worldwide. We take care of the conversion and/or relocation of production systems – this is not limited to machines and equipment delivered by us. We offer turnkey solutions at fixed prices for relocations – regardless of where the journey takes you.

Global Service

High investment in new systems are not always necessary. We increase the efficiency and productivity of systems in production by modifying them according to the customer’s requirements. New variants and output changes can be implemented flexibly. We check the compatibility of devices when combining new and used components, especially in the automation field. Short execution times and cost benefits can be achieved thanks to many years' of expertise in the field of engineering and the involvement of our global service network.

Risk assessment and determination of the CURRENT status are crucial

We adapt the systems to the new environment and conditions based on ACTUAL analyzes. Layout planning, system design and product-specific 3D measurement are also key for relocation. Together with our customer we plan transportation and logistics, and select suppliers accordingly.

We use qualified site management to dismantle and transport in order to control the selected resources in a targeted manner. We adapt the infrastructure as required according to the conditions at the new site. We then calibrate and install the systems, and finally start them up at the new location.

During the quality and optimization phases, we record the component quality and create a planned/actual comparison. We then define the resulting actions and implement them. After the restart, qualified specialists assist our customers by overseeing production. These measures are supported by effective quality assurance and matching processes.

Therefore our slogan is "We relocate your product, not only the associated system".