Continual training of employees is the key to success. Employee qualification which meets the respective requirements guarantees productivity during system operation. It increases the employee’s competence when errors occur, strengthens occupational health and safety, and ensures maximum quality. Goal-oriented training results in compliance with health and safety regulations. We also notice a higher level of employee satisfaction at our customers. We at thyssenkrupp System Engineering offer not only the organization and implementation of training for our own products, but also for the complex units from our technology partners.


Our training consultants offer professional and expert qualification


Our trainers have many years' of professional experience and industry knowledge, and speak the same language as those operating the equipment. It does not matter where training is held or in which language - at our factory, at the customer site or via an E-Learning session at the users' own computers. Experience tells us that this is fundamental for the success and acceptance of training material.

First-hand knowledge – individually compiled

Capturing a customer’s requirement profile as well as a detailed analysis of the individual workplace profile plays a central role in our range of services. This is the only way for our trainers to put together a custom tailored training program of all content and appropriate training documents. We gladly recommend the tool of success control, simply to become even better.

Our trainers are masters in their disciplines. Within short implementation times, they can provide a solid knowledge foundation along the entire system usage phase. Knowledge which is need based and structured is always given priority.

The latest option for the sustainable development of a skills base is the use of our E-Learning modules.